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Webster & Associates provides the highest quality legal representation and personal service with the goal of minimizing the amount of time, stress and attorney's fees involved in the divorce and family law proceedings.

How long....

Uncontested Divorce: On average, an uncontested divorce takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Contested Divorce​: A contested divorce can take 6 to 9 months; however it could take well over a year

Personal SErvice

We will take the time to answer all your questions, and we will return your telephone call and answer your e-mails promptly, along with keeping  you informed with regular case updates. You will have on-going access to Ms. Webster and the paralegal assigned to your case by telephone, e-mail and face-to-face meetings.

Ms. Webster is an experienced court appointed mediator. Arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau (ret). Ms. Webster has received training as a Collaborative Law Professional and belongs to the Collaborative Law Professionals of Nevada. Ms. Webster has the training to assist you with your Mediation and Collaborative Law Matters

Mediation & collaborative law

Ms. Webster has over 30 years experience in Family Law matters. So you won't waste your money on an attorney who is learning the law at your expense or making costly mistakes because of their inexperience. 

Ms. Webster has taught Family Law course to other attorneys and contributed articles including Tax Aspects of Divorce in Nevada; Effective Family Law Practice in Nevada; Equitable Distribution in Divorce Settlements in Nevada: Valuation, Tax and Other Issues, Dividing Assets and Debts; Negotiating the Best Possible Settlement For Divorce Clients; and Understanding Child Support Issues in Nevada.​Ms. Webster has successfully handled appeals before the Nevada Supreme Court, including a case of first impression regarding a custodial parent's request to relocate out of the country with the minor children. 


Saves you money

Saves you time

With over 30 years of experience, Ms. Webster has the ability to quickly assess your legal situation and recommend appropriate options, including various settlement options.


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